Why MVE and More About the Builder

At Mountain View Estates, RAC Development provides a higher standard of construction, versatility, custom ideas and breathtaking views.  

Higher Standard

What does that mean? This doesn’t always mean the quality of the finishes that you can see. At RAC development we believe the things you can’t see matter more. Why? Comfort. Temperature stability, Sound transmission, Air Quality, Water Quality are hidden. Your comfort and wellbeing are correlated to these measures. The higher the quality of your environment the higher your quality of life. There is a simple way to determine hidden quality. ACH. Every home has to be measured for Air Changes per Hour. The lower the ACH number the higher the build quality. At RAC we like to say, “What’s your ACH”? Don’t get us wrong, outward appearances are important. As a matter of visual design, we use biophilic design. Using the 5 senses; sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to create a space which re-energizes its occupants and allows for maximum return on investment. Building beyond code also improves the quality of life for everybody, by reducing the carbon footprint of the life of the structure. When you combine building design with biophilic design, you not only see the difference, but feel the difference. RAC offers home design, home building lots, and quality home construction.

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We have the ability to create custom plans for you or you can choose/modify the plans we have already created. But our homes are built with a unique ADU.  

An ADU is An accessory dwelling unit (ADU)- a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a primary home. Meaning that you can use this for: supplemental income with long term or short-term rentals, family care, at home office, yoga studio, hair salon, etc. An ADU can also help you qualify for more. We can help you use the potential income that you could generate from using the ADU as a rental to qualify you for more. This gives you the opportunity to gain higher equity in your home, making buying a home with an ADU the most practical/versatile investment that you can own. 

Short term rental, you are probably wondering “what’s the catch”? With Hurricane Cities current ordinance, you can apply for a Residential Hosting Permit. With this permit, you can use a portion of your owner occupied to use as a short rental potentially making an extra $2,000 per month.  

Hurricane City Rental OrdinanceMore on ADU's